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Cash to Win

Cash Purchase Option for Borrowers

Here at Wallick & Volk, we created our Cash to Win program to help our realtor partners and clients get their offers accepted, regardless of market conditions. What makes Wallick & Volk’s Cash to Win Program different is that we are a power buyer, not an instant buyer (iBuyer).

How is Cash to Win different from other cash offer programs?

We use our cash to help our clients buy their desired home while helping our realtor partners increase their business. iBuyers will typically strip the home of equity, leaving the client with a potential loss and unforeseen costs in the process. The iBuyer approach focuses on profits first, not the client’s best interest.

Wallick & Volk has been in business for over 90 years, leveraging our family-focused approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for our partners and clients. We use our cash to create wins for the people we work with.

The Cash to Win Program works in any type of market conditions.

Seller’s Market

Provides the client with the cash needed to compete against multiple offers.

Balanced Market

Provides the client with the cash needed to separate themselves from all other offers.

Buyer’s Market

Provides the client with leverage in order to negotiate for more favorable terms.

We have two versions of our cash-to-win program:

  • Purchasing a home in cash for our client, in order to compete with other offers.
  • Purchasing the client’s trailing property in cash, in order to eliminate any home debt contingencies.

Cash to Win offers both home buyers and realtors a unique advantage in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Contact one of our Mortgage Professionals to learn more about how our Cash to Win program can work for you.

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