Grow your business

“If you build it, they will come,” but it helps when you have the support of a dedicated lending partner, with established processes, strong client relationships, and a commitment to helping you grow.

When working with Wallick & Volk, our builder partners experience:

strong client relationships

We treat our clients like family, which means they trust us will all of their home financing.

Smooth closing process

Our team has your back, to ensure a smooth process for closing.

More Opportunities

We offer unique solutions that create more opportunities for our real estate partners.

A streamlined buying process

A streamlined buying process, from start to finish for your buyer

Mortgage Lender Partnership for Builders

How We Partner with Builders:

We aim to grow your funnel too. Here's how we do it:

  • Marketing: We allocate resources to a wide range of digital marketing strategies with the goal of equipping buyers with valuable tools, fostering trust, and generating inbound leads.
  • Referrals: Because of our strong reputation, we drive more referrals to builders than our competitors do.
  • Partnerships: We build custom HR programs that are used by companies nationwide, in order to assist in preparing prospective homeowners for their home-buying journey.
  • Workshops: We regularly organize educational workshops, inviting both the potential buyer leads in our pipeline, our local Realtor partners, and builders. This creates a valuable opportunity for you to engage with new prospective buyers and realtors in your local area.

We’ve designed unique programs that will help buyers close quickly.

  • Creative lending is our specialty, and our creative lending programs are designed to help buyers compete in a competitive housing market.
  • Through these unique lending programs, like Cash to Win, you can expect a higher closing rate on your properties.

We are well-connected in your local area, which means that our partners are too

  • Our mortgage lenders are well-connected within their local communities, which means we help connect builders with top realtors and local buyers.
  • We organize local educational workshops for potential buyers. These are a great chance to connect with buyers and realtors in your area.