Experienced Lenders Who Believe That

Family Comes First

At Wallick & Volk, we maintain a family atmosphere combined with a dedication to the support of our high volume, highly efficient Mortgage Professionals. Plus we have many locations throughout the country.

When working with Wallick & Volk, our loan officers experience:

Competitive Benefits

Employee well-being is a top priority at Wallick & Volk, which is why we offer a competitive benefits package.

Growth Opportunity

Through our unique organizational structure and support system, we help loan officers grow their businesses significantly.

Family Atmosphere

We maintain a family atmosphere & dedication to the support of our loan officers.

Commitment to Closing

We treat each mortgage as an investment for a lifetime, which means more commission for our team.

We’re Hiring Loan Originators

Compensation & Benefits Summary:

We offer competitive benefits

Employee well-being is a top priority at Wallick & Volk, which is why we offer a competitive benefits package.

  • Insurance, Health, Dental & Vision: We know that providing health insurance is essential to providing a sense of security, so we provide our team with competitive insurance benefits.
  • Matching 401k: We help our team prepare for retirement by matching 401k contributions.
  • Wellness Program: Wellness is more than just physical health. We invest in wellness programs to support our teams’ overall wellbeing.
  • Paid Time Off & Flexible Schedule: At Wallick & Volk, family comes first! That’s why we invest in a competitive benefits package that includes a self-determined schedule, paid time off &sick leave.


We help loan officers double and triple their business. Our unique platform promotes high-earning opportunities, giving loan officers the latitude to operate independently, which is supported by a leadership team and support system that is second to none.

What makes us different than other lenders?

  • Realtors prefer working with Wallick & Volk: Realtors choose Wallick & Volk over competitors, which means our LOs have more success while having the products and systems to help our Realtor partners increase their business at the same time.
  • Clients prefer working with Wallick & Volk: Because of our outstanding customer service and reputation, our clients return to Wallick & Volk more frequently.
  • We create unique packages to help as many buyers close as possible: With unique programs like Cash to Win & Simple Benefits, we help our clients and Realtor Partners get their offers accepted despite the very competitive market conditions.

We are Committed to Closing

Your clients are in good hands with Wallick & Volk. We do not simply provide mortgages. We provide peace of mind by ensuring that each borrower’s individual needs are understood and that the options to address those needs will be carefully explained. We treat each mortgage as an investment for a lifetime. 

Which means that we have:

  • More return clients
  • Smooth closings for your clients
  • More creative solutions for a higher closing rate
  • A streamlined buying process, from start to finish for your buyer

How would you describe Wallick & Volk? 

Employee Reviews:

The best mortgage company that exists in the world.

A positive, can-do organization where everyone works together to satisfy the customer’s needs.

A traditional mortgage banking firm with a lot of heart.

The underwriting team is by far the best leadership and coworkers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with!
Company that truly cares for their people and their customers.
We don’t have all the extra “layers” traditional companies have. If we need answers, quick, it doesn’t need to go up 10 levels. it goes up 2 levels max, and we can expect an answer same day in most cases. This translates into quick responses to our borrowers, partners, when needed.

Buyer Stories

“I was amazed by the knowledge and efficiency from the professionals at Wallick and Volk. Their communication and professionalism exceeded my expectations. The process was quick and easy.” – Juliana Z

“Sara was there for us from the start. We took a long time to feel ready and get our documents organized and she never pushed but still answered our questions when we need. Then when we were ready to buy she gave great advice and she and our realtor were talking at every step to make the process as smooth as possible.” – Jason R

“Kelly and her team were fantastic throughout the whole process. They kept in constant communication with us and made the whole process low stress. We will highly recommend Wallick and Volk to anyone and everyone that is looking for a home loan!” – Andy P